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NCD Essentials

Learn Navigating Challenging Dialogue® as an approach to the development of self-awareness, empathy, and the skills required for healthy, effective communication and collaboration. 
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Practicing Mastering Feedback

Learn and practice the essential skills and strategies of delivering feedback. This is unlike any other feedback training and is essential for all levels of leadership success. 

Shifting Behavior at Work for Teams

This cohort-based program is the first step for teams to create a workplace culture where healthy dialogue and effective communication is possible even in high-pressure situations. This is a private course exclusive to your team.
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Are you ready to stop dreading feedback? 

  • Whether you are leading a company, leading a team, or just want to improve your own leadership skills, this guide is a must read. Clear, effective and actionable, you'll be equipped and wishing everyone around you had read it too.
    Lindsay Pera, Intuitive Strategist & Founder / CEO
  • With this book, we have a concise, easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement guide to that system. I highly recommend this very practical tool!”
Kirsten Rambo, Ph.D., Executive Director, ASISTA
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