Practice Mastering Feedback 

August 3 + 10, 9 AM-Noon Pacific

Learn and practice the essential skills and strategies of delivering feedback. This is unlike any other feedback training and is essential for all levels of leadership success. 
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This is a two-session experiential workshop delivered via Zoom. 

Start Fostering Healthy Communication

This workshop is based on Beth Wonson's book, Mastering Feedback: Everything You Were Never Told About Giving Feedback
Feedback is a tool that every manager must use and yet the majority of us aren’t skillful or effective in how we deploy feedback. In fact, it is not uncommon for the delivery of feedback to create drama instead of improve performance. No wonder we often tiptoe around giving feedback.

Add in remote management, uncertainty, overwhelm, and the related disconnects that cause trust to crack, and you’ll find more hesitancy than ever to deliver feedback. Regardless of the uncertainty swirling around us, feedback is essential growth and development. 

The NCD Process

There are four steps in the NCD approach to giving feedback, derived from the foundations of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®. 

Take Action Now

This unique and highly successful approach leverages self-management and emotional awareness. 

For Use Everywhere

Providing feedback is normal, valuable, and a tool for continued growth.
Beth Wonson has developed a clear system for providing feedback that is beneficial both to the giver and the recipient of the feedback. It’s extremely useful in personal as well as professional settings.
Kirsten Rambo, Ph.D., Executive Director, ASISTA
Live+Online Workshop

Joins Us for Practicing Mastering Feedback

Learn to use feedback as a tool for speaking and hearing truth with empathy and clarity.
Master the framework for giving fact-based feedback that the other person can take action upon.
See how using NCD helps you maintain important relationships even when communication feels risky.
Leave class with the skill to immediately improve communication and collaboration.
A private online classroom where you can download materials and ask questions outside of class.
Complimentary access to our Online Learning Center with our entire library of leadership development resources.
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