Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

NCD Essentials

In Partnership with 5Cities Homeless Coalition

Live: Monday, May 8, 2023 | 9 AM - 4pm

Learn Navigating Challenging Dialogue® as an approach to the development of self-awareness, empathy, and the skills required for healthy, effective communication and collaboration. Includes complimentary access to our Online Learning Center, with additional professional development materials. 
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This is an experiential workshop facilitated by Beth Wonson.

Start Fostering Healthy Communication

It’s human nature to try to continue to dialogue in these situations, but that leads to the majority of conflict between people and damages relationships.

The NCD Process

The 4-step NCD Process has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations to clearly communicate in ways that create connections, build bridges, and get results. 

Take Action Now

In this 2-session workshop, you’ll learn how to use NCD to proactively manage yourself instead of allowing vulnerability, emotions, and unhealthy conflict to manage you.

For Use Everywhere

Change how you perceive and respond to situations where you’re feeling insecure, defensive, or vulnerable.
It blew my mind how complicated we make things and how simple it really can be when we just strip everything away and get down to the facts. EVERYONE needs this. Every manager, leader, parent, teacher, coach, counselor, etc... basically, anyone who communicates with others needs to take [Navigating Challenging Dialogue].
Live+Online Workshop

Join Us for NCD Essentials

Learn to use the tools of empathy, curiosity, and accountability to foster health communication.
Master the framework for clean and clear, fact-based dialogue with the ability to manage your emotional reactions.
See how using NCD helps you maintain important relationships even when communication feels risky.
Leave class with the skill to immediately improve communication and collaboration.
A private online classroom where you can download materials and ask questions outside of class.
Complimentary access to our Online Learning Center with our entire library of leadership development resources.

 This Workshop is intended for Staff.
Monday, May 8, 2023 | 9 AM - 4pm

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There will be no time to go offsite for lunch, thus we have arranged for boxed lunches to be provided by The Bridge Cafe, a program of Restorative Partners.  

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