A Navigating Challenging Dialogue®
Online Workshop via Zoom

NCD Essentials

This workshop is an introduction to Navigating Challenging Dialogue® (NCD) and the NCD Process. NCD is a toolkit for building trust by developing self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, empathy, and curiosity. These skills are necessary for you to be effective in leadership, communication, and incorporating coaching skills into the work environment. 
The NCD Process is a framework for fact-based dialogue, even when communication feels risky. This process has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations to clearly communicate in ways that create connections, build bridges, and get results.
In this workshop, you will actively participate in the lessons and:
  • Learn to use the tools of empathy, curiosity, and accountability to foster healthy communication.
  • Practice using NCD for fact-based conversations, even when communication feels risky. 
  • Learn the NCD Process by working on meaningful and relevant scenarios that you bring to class.
  • Watch and participate in demonstrations of live coaching with real scenarios that you will face.
  • Leave class able to apply the skills immediately to improve communication and collaboration.
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Facilitated by Beth Wonson, Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®.

Beth Wonson

CEO and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Communication Expert, Leadership Coach

About Beth Wonson

Beth developed the Navigating Challenging Dialogue® (NCD) process out of a desire to help herself become a better manager, leader, parent, and friend. 
With those tools, you are improving communication and relationships both at home and work. For leaders, you can create a workplace culture that fosters high performance teams with greater employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
To reach even more people, Beth has now published two books for implementing NCD as a proven tool for improving culture and retention in organizations. 
In addition to training and speaking, Beth is an ICF accredited Leadership Coach, providing mentoring and consulting services.

By design, this is not a typical workshop where you sit back and listen to the instructor.

This course is experiential and you will be practicing the tools, in groups, using at least one of your own, personal challenging conversations. 

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Cancellations must be received in writing at least 10 days from start of workshop. Please send via email to support@ncdprocess.com. Cancellations received less than 10 days from the workshop’s start date will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and money may be transferable to a future event. Cancellations less than 48 hours will not be refunded. Beth Wonson & Company reserves the right to postpone the workshop based on extenuating circumstances resulting from government mandates and/or the pandemic.
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