In Just a Few Hours, Transform Your Communication Skills

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Mastering Your Best Conversations

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Course overview
  • Level: Beginner
  • 30 Modules
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • 1 Exam
  • 29 Videos
  • Discussion Area
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Course overview
In this self-paced course, you'll learn a new way to effectively communicate with clarity using Navigating Challenging Dialogue®. Explore how beliefs, social and emotional intelligence, and thinking errors impact the energy in the room and the way we engage. 
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Certification included
Upon the completion of a final exam, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion to download and print

Our Students Love Us

I absolutely recommend this workshop. You will acquire skills that everyone who works with people will need to use at some point.

Jen Ottinger

High 5 Adventure Learning
I’ve been through so many trainings and Navigating Challenging Dialogue is the best!

Christina Kaviani

Stand Strong SLO

In Just a Few Hours You'll Be Able to ...

  • Increase your self-awareness and social and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to not take business decisions personally.
  • See how cognitive shortcuts can both serve and undermine decision making.
  • Leverage self-management and foster drama-free relationships.
  • Understand how we show up under pressure (and what to do about that).
  • Avoid drama that doesn’t involve you.
  • Recognize emotional hot spots before they can negatively impact conversations.
  • Recognize thinking errors that result in conversations that go off the rails.
  • Use a proven 4-step process to prepare for and participate in challenging dialogues.
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Take your communication to the next level!

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is Essential

In this course, you'll learn a new way to communicate with clarity and effectively engage with others using Navigating Challenging Dialogue®.

Master the proven 4-Step Process to effectively engage and communicate — and leave all your challenging conversations behind!
  • Follow the framework to prepare for and participate in challenging dialogues.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid thinking errors that result in conversations that go off the rails.
  • Learn to spot and avoid cognitive shortcuts which can undermine good decision making.
  • 30 Chapters
  • 29 Videos
  • 1 Certification
  • Downloadable  PDFs
  • Discussion Area

Meet Our Facilitators

About Beth Wonson

Beth Wonson’s mission is to improve how we engage, connect, and communicate with each other in business and at home. Beth is the CEO of Beth Wonson & Company and founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®. As a coach, consultant, and trainer she works with businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits worldwide. She has been working with leaders in this capacity for over 15 years.

About Sasha Mobley

Sasha Mobley is a Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Master Facilitator, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Her role at BW&C focuses on taking lessons learned from our clients and developing new ways to bring the message of Navigating Challenging Dialogue® into the world. Sasha has over 25 years as a Silicon Valley tech professional and is also certified in Meyers Briggs Type Indicator™.

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