Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is Your Solution for Communication-Related Drama and Conflict

The NCD Process provides the framework for having effective communication by extracting our thinking errors, recognizing and managing emotional hotspots, and being curious, cooperative learners.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Navigating Challenging Dialogue is a specific process for recognizing and managing interactions that cause emotional hotspots to get activated. These tools are specifically designed to help you be proactive, instead of being influenced by drama, chaos and unhealthy conflict.

For Work and Personal Interactions

The tools, strategies, and self-awareness you develop using Navigating Challenging Dialogue enable you to change how you engage for the good of the whole.

Multiple Applications

Through our online classes, live workshops, and free tools, you can learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

This is the Missing Piece

Typical personal, staff, and management development trainings often ignore an essential component of workplace success - the chemistry between the humans. To engage successfully requires self-awareness and the understanding of how emotions, work style, assumptions, stories, and beliefs can create conflict and drama in the workplace.
Beth and team de-mystify one of the most challenging aspects of effective leadership.
Lindsay Pera, Intuitive Strategist & Founder / CEO

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The self-awareness and skills created using Navigating Challenging Dialogue tools and strategies foster effective self-leadership and communication, resulting in better relationships and collaboration. 

Everything you thought you knew about leadership, managing, and communication has changed.  

Our mission is to make organizations healthier and more collaborative with employees who engage.

We offer a range of services to help you transform workplace culture by developing self-leadership and communication skills in leaders, managers, and teams. 
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