Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Workshops Are Your Remedy for Communication-Related Drama and Conflict

Navigating Challenging Dialogue is a proven framework for having effective communication by extracting our thinking errors, recognizing and managing emotional hotspots, and being curious, cooperative learners. We've tailored our workshops to teach specific applications of the NCD Process in communication, feedback, leader development, and coaching in the workplace.

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About NCD

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

By recognizing and managing interactions that activate emotional hotspots, you can transform how you communicate and connect. The NCD tools are specifically designed to help you respond to, rather than react to, drama, chaos and unhealthy conflict.

For Work and Personal Interactions

The tools, strategies, and self-awareness you develop using Navigating Challenging Dialogue enable you to change how you engage for the good of the whole, both at home and work..

Multiple Applications

The NCD Process is a framework of communication for effectively giving feedback, managing teams, being a leader, and coaching others. 

This is the Missing Piece

Typical skill development trainings ignore an essential component of workplace success - the chemistry between the humans. To engage successfully requires self-awareness and the understanding of how emotions, assumptions, biases, and beliefs can create conflict and drama in our relationships.

NCD Works Wherever You Face a Challenge

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Other NCD Services

Everything you thought you knew about leadership, managing, and communication has changed.  

Our mission is to make organizations healthier and more collaborative using Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, a proven framework for ending miscommunication and unhealthy conflict.

We offer a range of tailored services
to help you transform workplace culture by developing self-leadership and communication skills in leaders, managers, and teams.  
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Applying Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Turn This Conversation Around: The 4-Stage Process for Communication with Connection 

The official handbook of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®. Learn the unique 4-stage process for framing communication to create connections and get results.

Mastering Feedback: Everything You’ve Never Been Told About How to Give Feedback

With Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, become skillful and confident in both giving and receiving feedback.

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