The skills you need to transform communication at work and home.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is a proven framework for transforming culture by developing self-leadership and communication skills following a four-step process. Our mission is to foster healthier communication and collaboration. 

Use our process to identify the emotions, assumptions, stories, and beliefs that can create conflict and drama. By using the framework to have clean and clear dialogue and effective conversations, you'll improve interactions both at work and home.
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Our Clients Love Our
Approach to Communication

[This work] really helped me better understand how to manage up and manage out more than I knew. I understand how my personality best interacts with my supervisor much more. I have also been able to adjust to better interact with peers. One of the things I really, really appreciate was projecting the power better - I am much better at working at the right level and not being pulled down.
John Sweet
Network Section Manager
It blew my mind how complicated we make things and how simple it really can be when we just strip everything away and get down to the facts. EVERYONE needs this. Every manager, leader, parent, teacher, coach, counselor, etc... basically, anyone who communicates with others needs to take [Navigating Challenging Dialogue].
Becky Gray
Executive Director
[Navigating Challenging Dialogue] teaches skills and processes that are transferable across virtually any occupation and environment, and are the difference between effective leaders and transformational leaders by addressing critical communication and leadership flaws commonly found in leadership.
Todd Simendinger
School Principal

Our Offerings


Mastering Your Best Conversations

Tired of the drama, chaos, and fallout brought on by tough conversations? Learn a new way to effectively engage and communicate using Navigating Challenging Dialogue®.

Shifting Behavior at Work for Teams

This cohort-based program is the first step for teams to create a workplace culture where healthy dialogue and effective communication is possible even in high-pressure situations. This is a private course exclusive to your team.

Mastering Feedback

Everything You’ve Never Been Told About How to Give Feedback

Are you ready to stop dreading giving feedback? Or having what you thought would be a simple feedback session go horribly wrong? Do you wish you knew how to approach giving feedback to emotional or resistant employees? 
Using the simple 4-step process, in no time at all you will become skillful and confident in both giving and receiving feedback in ways that foster empowerment, growth, and development in yourself and others.
"This is the best discussion of feedback in my 30+ years of management and Human Resources consulting. I wish I’d had “Mastering Feedback” years ago to use in my Supervisor Training curriculum."
Betsey Nash, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Nash HR Services
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